How to submit a session...

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... simply click on the "Add Your Suggestion" button on the main Feature Upvote page :)

ProductCamp is run by the Product Management community for the Product Management community.
Everyone is a "participant". Every member of the community is a potential session lead on the day. Please use this forum to volunteer to lead a session on the 9th June 2022.

Please try to limit your desciption to 140 characters (limits on the platform we intend to use to host the sessions).

For more information, please go to or email

To see sessions from ProductCamp Dublin 2019, see

Every member of the community also has the opportunity to contribute in some way to the organisation and running of ProductCamp Dublin. Become a member of the organising committee, volunteer to rustle up sponsorship, help support the session leaders on the day.

Note from organiser Suggested by: Russell Upvoted: 08 Sept, '19