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Suggested by: Russell

Back to basics - internal collaboration

With an overwhelming number of frameworks, strategies and tactics, a focus on the basics of communication, empathy and hypothesis to drive internal collaboration
Suggested by: Niall Kiernan

Becoming a Product Leader

This session is aimed at current or future product leaders. Potential discussion topics: - Product Leadership versus People Leadership - Getting promoted from ...
Suggested by: Conor McGlynn

Continuous Discovery Habits - Opportunity Solution Trees in action

A case study on implementing Teresa Torres’ Continues Discovery Framework on a new discovery project, including lessons learned and challenges faced along the way!
Suggested by: Cormac Kelly

Hardware development - Implications for product management

Most of my experience has been with software solutions. Hardware development brings unique challenges. I'd be happy to share my own journey with a view to learning ...
Suggested by: Mark Nolan

Learn From My Mistakes

In ‘Learn from my mistakes’ I share the crucial things I’ve learned as a PM over the last decade. From changing careers to product strategy to company politics.
Suggested by: Linda Mackessy

Partners – Fellow Travellers on your Customer Journey

• Product Managers need to consider their route-to-market within the product roadmap • Your Sales Channel needs to be a persona in your product design • Selecting ...
Suggested by: Donagh Kiernan

Platform Product Management

With the exponential growth of Product Management roles for internal software platforms, what are the product skills needed for this role and how is it different from ...
Suggested by: Sinead Kelly

Product Management vs Product Marketing? Love or War?

Where does Product Management end and Product Marketing begin in your company? Who looks after what? What do you collaborate on ... and where/on what do you draw the ...
Suggested by: Denis Cody

Requirements Definitions for AI & Innovation Products

While a lot of development for AI, Data and Innovation is experimental, there are some Product Management tips I can share from experience working with AI teams. ...
Suggested by: Niamh Teeling

Utilizing product skillsets to enhance and diversify earning potential

One of the key skills of a product person is the ability to identify and qualify an opportunity. For most of us this sill is developed through professional experience ...
Suggested by: Daniel Doran

WTF is GTM (Go-to-Market) and why should product care

Is GTM a real thing or just notions from the marketing team. A panel of product, marketing, demand generation and GTM experts will debate what GTM is, who owns it, ...
Suggested by: Oisin O'Connor